Aerospace Defence and Mass Transit

In Aerospace, Defence and Mass Transit maximum reliability in identifying wires and components is key to guarantee an optimal uptime of vehicles and equipment. Brady’s identifying labels and tags are laboratory tested to defy extreme temperatures, liquids, solvents and generally harsh environments.


Brady identification solutions ensure sample integrity by offering identification labels that remain intact for life ensuring traceability through the entire chain of custody.  Our team of specialist lab chemists is dedicated to developing and testing solutions to enable you to comply with Good Lab Practice and the Human Tissue Directive, supporting you to maintain productivity and to deliver beyond expectations.

Food and Beverage

The foundation of a safe and profitable food processing plant is the safety measures and procedures you implement within your workplace. Brady understands the need to maintain a clean, safe, and visually instructive working environment, and so focuses on providing products that are designed specifically for this market.


Mine sites are one of the most dangerous working environments. Brady’s range of Mine Site suitable products allows worksites to establish effective processes to eliminate or reduce risk exposure.

OEM Brady Engineered Solutions

Precision die cut components and converting solutions for original equipment manufacturers.


Improved component labeling can lead to greater production throughput and more efficient vehicle recalls. Brady's identification solutions could improve your company's efficiency.


The marine, shipbuilding and offshore platform industry presents a unique set of hazards to businesses operating in this area. Brady’s marine products and solutions will help you minimise any safety risks within your facility, platform or vessel.

Electrical ID

Brady systems can reduce cost of downtime, speed up fault finding and make installation faster. Brady offers the largest product range on the market for a complete electrical identification solution.

Datacom Telecom

How much money do you lose while your engineers try to trace a faulty cable? You could make 75% savings with Brady's cable identification, wire markers and asset-tracking system ...