Datacom/Telecom - Overview

Data, Voice and Telecommunication Identification - Cable labels and Wire markers

Brady data communication labeling

How much money do you lose while your engineers try to trace a faulty cable? You could make 75% savings with Brady's cable identification and asset-tracking system.

In the world of data and voice telecommunications, minimising network downtime is crucial to maintaining network operators' profits, reducing customer churn, increasing competitiveness and reducing exposure to the financial penalties of Service Level Agreements.

But experience shows that downtime just as often has a far less technically complex cause: damage or misplacement of the network's physical layer. Professionals agree that by incorporating an identification protocol into your Telecom system, you can reduce the risk of downtime caused by network infrastructure by up to 71% and can also save a substantial amount of money.

Datacom downtime

When it comes to network functionality, the 5 9's service level is the Telecoms industry's standard for uptime, however, downtime is to be anticipated. Brady offers state of the art and bespoke identification solutions (cable labels, wire markers, label printers, ...) making wasted time a thing of the past.