Link360™ Software, A cloud-based platform

Brady's Link360™ software helps you manage all of the activities that are performed to create, use and update visual information found on and around equipment and machines - effectively solving compliance, scalability, and sustainability issues.

This cloud-based platform is available anywhere you can access the internet and can be used to manage the visual information at a single location, or multiple locations across an organisation.

The LINK360™ software keeps equipment visuals accurate and up-to-date, which assists in creating and maintaining a safe working environment and optimal equipment performance levels.

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LINK360™ software currently has three subscription centres to help you monitor, measure, and improve your visual information:

Lockout/TagoutThis centre manages lockout/tagout programs when maintenance is performed on machinery or equipment. Users can create and manage visually instructive safety procedures, tags, and energy source labels for printing and posting on equipment.

Maintenance This centre manages the creation and access to visually instructive maintenance procedures that assists operators, engineers, and technicians in maintaining machine and equipment performance levels.

Confined SpaceThis centre allows users to assemble assessments, create permits and track history for confined space permits, thus delivering a complete management system for your confined spaces.

Eliminate wordy and confusing visuals, reading comprehension problems, and language translation issues by creating clear, concise, and easy-to-follow, visually instructive procedures in minutes.

Stop the use of different formats, symbols, and languages at various locations. Prevent unauthorised personnel from modifying templates or procedures. Set permissions on who has access and rights granted for viewing, editing, and creating templates and procedures. Implement standard, compliant formats across all locations.

End the use of outdated, inaccurate instructions that create an unsafe work environment. As changes occur with the equipment, keep visuals up-to-date through the use of audit alerts, notifications, and reports. Quickly and easily correct inaccuracies, maintaining a safe working environment for employees and an optimal level of equipment operation.