WSCS 2015 request catalogue

Work Health Safety

Work Health & Safety regulatory requirements ensure that our National workforce is protected in the work environment.

Safety Signs

Empower your employees and yourself with knowledge about the standards require for Safety Signs. Without Safety Signs, many employees would lack the necessary direction in times of crisis and employers may find themselves in significant legal difficulties if any accidents were to arise as a result.


The new system of classification and hazard communication for labels and SDS. The Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), is a comprehensive tool that harmonises chemical classification and hazard communication through labelling and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Energy Isolation

Each year a number of workers are killed or injured due to the unintentional release of Hazardous Energy sources. Numerous incidents could be prevented with a clearly documented Hazardous Energy control program. 

Spill Control

Studies show that choosing laundered rags can increase costs, negatively affect the environment and result in higher contamination exposure. Brady SPC absorbents are a safer alternative to reducing your costs and absorbing more leaks, drips and spills.

First Aid

Brady First Aid is making it easier for you to assess your workplace first aid needs and provide marketing leading solutions to suit your work environment. From workplace vehicles, office, warehouse and building sites to your first aid room facility we can help you comply with workplace legislation and guidelines.

Visual Workplace and Lean

Visual Workplace is a Lean manufacturing concept that focuses on the need for placing critical information at the point of use.

Slips Trips and Falls

In Australia common workplace injuries are caused by Slips, Trips and Falls. A Slip is when a loss of grip between the shoe and the floor occurs. Trips happen when a person’s foot hits a low obstacle in the person’s path, causing a loss of balance leading to a Fall.