Energy Isolation
Lockout Tagout
ToughWash Lockout Tagout
Every year thousands of workers get killed or injured while performing repairs or maintenance on industrial equipment / machinery or whilst carrying out electrical work. Many of these accidents are caused by the uncontrolled release of energy. In Australia, several regulations exist, requiring that all energy sources are turned off and "locked out" while machines are being serviced or repaired.
What is Lockout Tagout?
Lockout Tagout is a planned safety procedure which involves turning off, locking out and tagging out, the energy supply of industrial machinery and equipment whilst maintenance work or repairs are being carried out.

This procedure protects workers from the risks posed by live machinery or electricity.
Why Lockout Tagout?
There are many potential risks and hazards within the workplace but none greater than the sudden release of energy generated by a machine, source of electricity, or pressurised substance.

As a result of this, every company has a requirement to ensure that all machines which are being repaired or maintained have their energy sources turned off and locked out. This ‘locking off’ practice will prevent the unauthorised operation of the machine until all of the work has been completed. As well as saving lives it also helps to prevent damage to equipment.
  • Safety working while doing maintenance, cleaning or repairs.
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Prevention of damage
  • It helps to prevent errors being made
  • It is a precedure which clearly communicates risk in the workplace