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Padlock Keying Options
Brady Padlock Key Option
Brady are the experts at managing custom keying options. We have many keying options available including thousands of genuine key to differ options and the ability to key alike, master key and grand master key.
 Why have Brady manage your unique key register?

  • To ensure there are no duplicate/shadow keys on your premises ensuring the security integrity is managed on-site.
  • When you need to build onto your current padlock family with additional products to suit your secured keyway, Brady can assist and make this a quick and easy process.
  • The Brady key register is held in Australia with maximum security to ensure your company’s information is secured.
  • Fast and efficient lead times.
  • Provide your company with total asset management control.
Brady Padlock Keying Options
Brady Padlock Keyed Differently Key Differently
Each lock in a keyed differently system has its own unique key. Guaranteed no duplicates, must be specially requested. See below if a master key is needed.
Brady Padlock Keyed Alike Keyed Alike Systems
All locks in a keyed-alike system use identical keys. Any lock’s key can open all the locks within the group.
Master Keyed Systems
A master key opens all locks in the system, even though each lock has its own individual key. This system permits organizing submaster, master and grandmaster systems along departmental or other functional lines. Master keys can also be made to fit multiple groups of Keyed Alike locks.
Brady Padlock Key Structure