Brady SPC Introduction

Brady SPC
Importance of Spill Control and Containment
Aside from facility cleanliness, effective cleanup for routine leaks, drips and spills improves employee safety, and the bottom line. Imagine the damage a forklift could cause if it cannot maintain proper traction. It is easy to see the potential danger or damage it could cause.

If an accident occurs, costs can be substantial
Having spill control and containment materials on hand can prevent fines and help facilitate proper and timely spill response reducing the chance of accidents and injury. According to Safe Work Australia's Australian Workers' Compensation Statistics 2012 - 13, Falls, Trips & Slips of a person cause 22% of serious claims. Preventing these accidents is easy. All it takes is a sound containment plan, training, and the right equipment or materials.
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Save Costs – Choose the Right Materials
Picking the right materials for spill control and containment is a bit of a science. Choose an absorbent that soaks up more than you need and you may be paying too much. However, choose an absorbent that doesn’t soak up enough, and you may have to purchase more than you actually need.
There are three ways you can quickly assess if you're using the right materials:
  • Check product type - Are you using pads for a leak that a SOC can contain?
    Check product type
    Consider using a SOC for containing leaky equipment. SPC offers a variety of SOCs to meet your needs.
  • Check durability - Are your absorbents falling apart due to heavy traffic?
    Check product type
    Offer a tough sorbent like Battle Mat to get durability and high absorbency.
  • Check absorbency - Are your absorbents being used to capacity?
    Check product type Check product type
    Too much sorbent or not enough sorbent! Save money by choosing the right amount.
Proper spill control and containment solutions will help keep your workplace safe and save costs.