Safety Management Systems

A Safety Management System (SMS) can be described as a business framework that is designed to support all facets of safety in the workplace. An effective SMS should Identify hazards and reduce risks and ensure that controls remain operational.

Safety Management System Elements

  • Policy Definition and Documentation (including stakeholder commitment and targets)
  • Organisational Structure to Manage Risk
  • Sufficient Consultative Arrangements
  • Risk Identification and Controls
  • Action and Review Plan
  • License and Permit Requirements
  • Issue Resolution
  • Incident Notification and Investigation
  • Communication and Continuous Improvement Processes

Benefits of an effective Safety Management System include: reduced lost-time injuries, a continual focus on risk-minimisation, personnel skill building and workplace compliance.

A well-designed Safety Management System should meet the compliance requirements of your local regulatory authority, and be easy to use for business stakeholders. The framework should attract attention and prompt action.

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