Beaty CPR Feedback Device

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Beaty is a real-time CPR feedback device that is designed for lay rescuers.  Beaty works by providing audio feedback for exactly how effective your compressions are.


  • Simply apply to the patient’s chest and start compressing
  • Smart, simple, and affordable device that could help save lives
  • Easy to use with no buttons or displays
  • Pocket-sized and features a sturdy loop which can fit onto keychains


  • Designed for real-time CPR
  • Beaty runs on a 3v lithium battery that can last for more than 5 years on standby mode or 15 hours of continuous CPR
  • Excellent addition to any first aid kit, AED carry case, or even to your keyring
  • Beaty should only be used on patients 8 years and older
  • Product is entered in the ARTG. ARTG 317432

Beaty was developed to help bystanders and people without medical knowledge, as they are the first to react, in performing CPR. Beaty is placed between the rescuer’s palm and the victim’s chest while performing chest compressions. Beaty gives audible feedback with each adequate chest compression, reaching a depth of 5cm, thus increasing the victim’s chances of survival as well as the user’s sense of capability.

Unit of Measure Each
Quantity 1
CPR Coaching Type Verbal Prompts
Colour Red/White


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