Amputated Parts Module

Amputated Parts Module
Part No
  • The module contains 6 plastic zip lock bags and 1 biohazard waste disposal bag.
  • There are 3 different zip lock bag sizes included in the pack.
  • Each bag has a zip lock closure so you can seal it to prevent contamination.
  • The bags feature a double-walled construction.
  • Perfect for adding to your workplace first aid kit.

First Aiders Choice module for amputated parts, is an ideal addition to your workplace first aid kit, ensuring readiness for emergencies. These bags serve to maintain the cleanliness of severed body parts until professional medical help is available, either at the scene or during transit to the hospital.

Bag Sizes:

  • 2 x Small Plastic Bag Zip Lock - 100mm (W) x 135mm (H)
  • 2 x Medium Plastic Bag Zip Lock - 125mm (W) x 180mm (H)
  • 2 x Large Plastic Bag Zip Lock - 150mm (W) x 230mm (H)
  • 1 x Biohazard Waste Disposal Bag - 295mm (W) x 420mm (H)
Colour Orange/White
Unit of Measure Each
Quantity 1
Health Warning Always read the label and follow the Directions For Use

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