Automate item tracking in 1 day

Automate inventory, item, product and/or asset tracking in 1 day with RADEA.IO,
our intuitive and highly customisable RFID software package.

Instantly see every item in your business

When fired up, our RADEA.IO RFID software immediately sees any RFID labelled and RFID enabled item within range of our RFID readers.

RADEA.IO is an automated inventory and item tracking cornerstone. Together with RFID readers and labels, it is part of a seamless and affordable technology ecosystem that can be adapted to the needs of any business. Small, medium and large.

Easily create asset, product and item categories. Add locations. Give them any name that optimally fits your processes. And watch your workflows in real-time overviews that update every second.


On-screen, in real time

Count, locate and check items in seconds with real-time visibility at your fingertips.


Your business. Your items.

Easily adapt the software to your challenges with rich and practical customisation.


Automated tracking in 1 day

You could have automated inventories and tracking for up to 1000 items in 1 day.

On-screen, in real time


Search less and find more. Avoid item loss, recover items faster, buy fewer duplicates, quickly audit inventories and make informed asset investment decisions.

With RADEA.IO, you can see on-screen any RFID-labelled item’s

  • location
  • time at location
  • count

Every second, our software can auto-update signals received by RFID readers to present you with real-time item visibility in your business. Easily track, count, group and filter items per category. And immediately see every item’s current location.


Your business. Your items. 


All categories in your setup can easily be customised to present items and locations in ways that are most meaningful to your business. Without the need for any programming.

Once set up, coworkers can be given viewing rights to track and locate items. Select users can be granted admin rights to maintain or expand your automated tracking and item inventory setup.


Automated tracking in 1 day

RADEA.IO’s practical interface provides users with maximum flexibility and ease of use.

Easily import existing data and set up product, asset and item categories, item conditions and locations that correspond with fixed RFID readers. Once entered, data labels appear in drop down menus per category to further increase setup speed.

Our RFID readers will automatically bring all RFID-labelled items within range to your screen. In addition, when serialised correctly, any new item can be added automatically to the right category in your RADEA.IO software setup.

Achieving complete automated item tracking will depend on the number of items you want to label. That is how easy it is to set up the software component of your solution with RADEA.IO.




Automated tracking in 1 day

RADEA.IO is standard available as a cloud application that does not require any installation. The software can however be installed on proprietary ICT-systems and networks.

RADEA.IO also offers an API-key to integrate it into existing systems to facilitate additional processes, including auditing, purchasing, distribution and logistics.




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