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The world leader in lockout/Tagout products and services, Brady offers a broad range of durable, easy-to-use lockout devices that cover most mechanical and electrical applications. Brady's services help companies with limited resources quickly get their program up to speed, ensuring that lockout activities are implemented in a way that promotes optimum safety while maximizing efficiency and reducing downtime.

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Making Lockout Tagout Easy

Brady offers a broad range of durable, easy-to-use lockout devices for most mechanical and electrical applications. In addition, Brady understands other critical aspects of a compliant, effective energy control program and has tailored innovative solutions for your workplace.

Lockout Tagout devices genuinely saves lives. It’s important to keep workplaces safe for your employees and prevent unnecessary and fatal incidents.

What is Lockout Tagout?

Lockout Tagout is a critical component of employee safety and workplace productivity. It is essential to safeguarding workers and employees around the machinery and equipment they operate, service and maintain.

Australian workers continue to be injured or killed due to the unintentional release of hazardous energy sources. These incidents could have been prevented with a clearly documented Lockout Procedure. That way, your employees can get their job done as safely as possible to keep your operation running efficiently.


Physically ensuring equipment is inoperable while repairs or adjustments are made with the use of a padlock and a suitable device.


Clearly communicating to workers, with labels and tags, that the equipment is being serviced, should not be operated and when it will return to service.

Lockout Tagout

Complete Lockout

Step 1

Choose Device and attach to energy source

Step 2

Choose Padlock and attach to device to secure lockout

Step 3

Choose Tag and attach to padlock for communication

5 Steps to an Effective Lockout Program

  1. Train your employees, communicate and conduct periodic inspections

  2. Create post written, equipement specific lockout procedures

  3. Identify and mark all energy points

  4. Train your employees, communicate and conduct periodic inspections

  5. Equipe your employees with the proper lockout tools and warning devices

Lockout Safety Regulatory Guidance

Hazardous Energy regulations and standards outline the requirements for isolation procedures and risk controls. The high-risk nature of work in this area means that appropriate regulations and standards should be followed to prevent injuries in your workplace.

The following standards can be referred to for safe guidelines:

AS/NZS - Safe working on or near low-voltage electrical installations and equipment. This standard provides a framework around the isolation of potential energy sources and the elimination of potential hazards.

AS 4024.1603-2016 - Safety of machinery - Design of controls, interlocks and guards - Prevention of unexpected start-up. This Standard details the requirements for the "Prevention of unexpected start-up" of equipment.

Australian work health and safety regulations 2011 - The WHA regulations (Part 4.7)outline specific requirements pertaining to Electrical Safety and Energise Electrical Work. Managing Risks of Plant in Workplace - Code of Practice 2016, Safe Work Australia.

Coal mining safety and health regulation 2011

Part 4 Electrical Activities, Equipment and Installations

Part 10 plant- Outlines the requirements for standard operating procedures for safety and controlling risks of unplanned energy releases.

Note- The above content is provided as a guide only and businesses should check with their local State or Territory regulatory authority for full details on energy isolation standards relevant to them.

Download Lockout Tagout Guidebook

Brady Safety Padlocks

Safety Plus™ Padlock


- Mining, electrical, manufacturing, food & beverage.

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Compact Safety Plus™ Padlock

- Electrical lockout circuit breakers and areas with limited space.

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Safety Plus™ Padlock


- Electrical lockouts.

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Long Bodied Safety Plus™ Padlock

- Used in identification e.g. supervisor being involved in lockout procedures, space for more information.

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Safety Plus™ Padlock


- Outdoors, damp interiors, corrosive environments.

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Compact Cable


- Manufacturing, construction, mining and hospitals. Where flexibility is required.

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Customise Your Shackle Size!

Shackle size 75mm and 100mm can be ordered on request in the Safety Plus™ Padlocks (not available in the compact padlock option). Please contact your Brady representative for more information.

It's All About the Shackle!

Safety padlocks is an integral part of the industry-standard Lockout Tagout procedure. A safety padlock can be used in conjunction with a safety tag to inform employees that a specific piece of equipment or machinery and even a certain area within the facility is locked out due to maintenance or repairs.

The Right Shackle:

Steel Shackle
  • Higher durability and tensile strength
  • Endure high temperature and corrosive elements
  • Temperature resistance range -20°C to 120°C

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Safety Plus™ Padlock
  • Highly corrosive resistant
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Ideal to be used in marine and outdoor environments where there is high moisture and salt content
  • Temperature resistance range -20°C to 120°C

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  • Made from Polyamide Nylon 66
  • Non sparking and non conductive
  • Prevents electrocution and prevents electrical currents travelling to the key
  • Superior corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Ideal for lockout procedures in highly sensitive environments such as hospitals, electrical and mining
  • Temperature resistance range -20°C to 120°C
  • Lower tensile strength than the metal shackles

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  • Anodised Aluminium
  • Nearly as strong and durable as steel
  • Resistant to ultraviolet rays and other chemicals
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Anodising cannot peel or chip. The coating is part of the metal
  • The anodic layer is non conductive
  • Anodised aluminium is most suitable for the food and beverage industry
  • Anodising is one of the more environmentally friendly metal finishing processes
  • Temperature resistance range -20°C to 120°C

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Custom Key Options

Brady has many custom keying options available, including thousands of genuine key to differ options and the ability to key alike, master key and grand master key.


1. To ensure there are no duplicate/shadow keys on your premises ensuring the security integrity is managed on-site.
2. When you need to build onto your current padlock family with additional products to suit your secured keyway, Brady can assist and make this a quick and easy process.
3. The Brady key register is held in Australia with maximum security to ensure your company’s information is secured.
4. Fast and efficient lead times.
5. Provide your company with total asset management control.


Brady offers our customers a variety of padlock identification solutions, which include PrintFace, engraving, E-Prep labels and personalised identification cards.

Keyed Differently

Each lock in a keyed differently system has its own unique key. Guaranteed no duplicates, must be specially requested. See next page if a master key is needed.

Keyed Alike Systems

All locks in a keyed-alike system use identical keys. Any lock’s key can open all the locks within the group.


A master key opens all locks in the system, even though each lock has its own individual key. This system permits organising submaster, master and grandmaster systems along departmental or other functional lines. Master keys can also be made to fit multiple groups of Keyed Alike locks. For even greater convenience all custom keying requirements for Brady Lockout Padlocks are keyed locally for faster delivery time.

  • Supervisory master key opens all locks in system
  • Each padlock also opens with an individual key
  • Allows for organising of Grandmaster, Master and Submaster systems.
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