RFID Readers

Easily see the invisible.

Easily see the invisible. You will no longer need line of sight to identify and locate your assets. Using our RFID readers, you will see any RFID labelled asset in range with great accuracy and speed.

Fixed readers

Make better decisions faster by wirelessly monitoring data from low-cost, passive RFID sensing labels. We can include sensors in your RFID labels that can be activated by manual or fixed scanners on demand or at pre-programmed intervals.

FR22 scannerFR22 scanner

Brady FR22 Fixed RFID Reader

The Brady FR22 Fixed RFID Reader is the core device of a new approach for RFID fixed systems, with wide communication options and a modular design. FR22 is a critical building block for various track & trace and intelligent manufacturing solutions.


Brady BFABrady BFA

Brady BFA

Brady BFA is an advanced beam-forming overhead antenna with 28 software-controlled beams and an integrated movement and direction detection sensor. All the beams can be enabled for the highest RFID reading coverage and accuracy, or only specific beams can be enabled to define a limited area of detection.


Brady GA30Brady GA30

Brady GA30

Brady GA30 is a general-purpose antenna with a very high gain and is ideal for harsh environments where IP rating is needed. This antenna can be mounted directly on all surfaces, even metal, without compromising UHF RFID reading performance.


Brady IRX200 RFID ReaderBrady IRX200 RFID Reader

Brady IRX200 RFID Reader

Maximise visibility on real-time industrial output with cutting edge RFID performance. The IRX200 combines powerful RFID reading with integrated edge computing and native OT & IT connectivity to support greater warehouse and production efficiency.


Handheld readers

Brady RFID HH83 and HH83 RFID ACDBrady RFID HH83 and HH83 RFID ACD

Brady RFID HH83 and HH83 RFID ACD

The regular HH83 can be used to scan barcodes, NFC and HF RFID labels while the HH83 RFID ACD is used to scan barcodes, NFC, HF and UHF RFID labels.




The Brady HH85 RFID ACD is the fully ruggedized sibling of the Brady HH83 RFID ACD. They share the same specs as the HH83 for memory and CPU and in addition come with rubber bumpers and a pistol grip, making them very solid and drop-proof readers.


Brady EXA81Brady EXA81

Brady EXA81

The EXA81 smartphone and tablet add-on turns mobile devices into personal radars. It enables every team member to quickly find any item labelled with battery-free RFID labels, without needing line of sight.


Custom reader apps or software

See RFID data in just the way you need them with custom developed reader apps or software. Harness the full power of RFID with data that are easy to collect, that fully fit your business processes, and that unlock the next level of efficiency for your business.

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RFID asset tracking

What it is and how it works

Better decision-making starts with quality, data-driven insights. And a great way to see the big picture is with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. With it, businesses can monitor an asset’s location and gain control over important revenue-generating processes. Efficient and cost-effective, RFID technology has become the go-to tracking system for industries worldwide.

RFID vs. barcode for asset tracking

How to make the right choice for your business

Just about everything has some sort of label affixed to it that contains important information that buyers, sellers or manufacturers need to be aware of. Most of us are familiar with barcodes and QR codes, but the technology that goes into them may come as a surprise.

What is RFID?

A Comprehensive Guide

Sure, you’ve heard of RFID. But what exactly is it?

More than just a type of technology, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a revolutionary force in our modern digital world. It shapes how businesses operate – adding efficiencies, streamlining operations and boosting overall productivity.

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