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Electrical Overview

Today, the world is dependant on electrical and data communication networks. Behind the scenes, the professionals who keep these systems running, such as yourself, know that pinpointing the exact nature and location of each and every wire or cable is critical. The reliability of your wire and cable identification has a profound impact on the safety, efficiency and quality of your operations.At Brady, we can provide you with an efficient on demand system to print batches of customised labels, markers or tags that are quick and easy to apply and survive the harshest of environments. Printing batches of labels from a spreadsheet or database has never been so easy. With no external supplier minimum order quantities or lead times to worry about, you have complete control.
Every year, we invest millions of dollars researching and developing innovative, printing, label material and software technologies and solutions in partnership with your industry.

So when you expect performance, demand Brady.

Design Install Maintain

Because of our extensive experience with electrical applications, it doesn't matter whether you're designing, installing or maintaining, Brady has a solution to save you time and money.

Ease of use
Brady adhesives are capable of being lifted easily from their liner for rapid application by hand, and yet maintain enough tack to last even in harsh environments.

Meet design specification
Brady offers a specialised service to create markers according to your specification, whilst also keeping in line with legislation and policies for example diesel-resistant and high temperature sleeves.

Performance through quality
Brady quality can ensure data throughout the lifetime of an installation, providing durable and long-lasting identification systems with a 20-year guarantee.

Reducing downtime
Brady identification solutions are designed to keep your panels, wires and cables maintainable as the cost of downtime can quickly escalate..

Easy to track and trace
Sharp, non-smearing thermal-transfer printing makes Brady labels legible and makes your work look great.

Complete projects on time and within budge
Brady's easy-to-use portable printers offer crisp printing, easy formatting, convenient label sizes and the flexibility you need for electrical identification.

Ease of availability of consumables
Because of Brady's availability, you can always get the right consumable for the job..

Adaptable" solutions
Versatile label styles, sizes and materials for all types of wire, cable and component means that Brady can cater for your specific identification needs.

Productivity gains
Brady's market-leading products and service deliver a faster, better value and higher quality solution.

Service and support
In the case of an unforeseen event, Brady professional service and support is available in every European region.

Fit for use
Brady's printers and print media are both easy-to-use and available to deal with the wear and tear of your application.

Complete and comprehensive product offering
With an experienced channel partnership, you can receive a total solution from a single point of contact.

Multi-purpose products
Brady's portable and desktop printers can be used for multiple purposes. Thousands of standard label styles and types are offered as well as custom labels.

Electrical Expertise

Brady's Expertise in Electrical ID - Cable & Wire Marking Solutions

How Brady Serves the Electrical Market

Specialist expertise, specialist products
The high-performance component identification systems that Brady supplies are the result of many years of dedication to the electrical market.
Three factors have driven Brady's success in addressing the needs of its electrical customers:

Technical expertise
Brady is a specialist labeling systems supplier. Our R&D endeavours are devoted to taking forward the state-of-the-art in labels, inks and substrates, production machines and system software.
In the electrical industry, component specifications can be extremely demanding, and product lifetimes are long. That is why the label performance you need can only be reliably delivered by the advanced materials our scientists have developed.

Market knowledge Consistently, over a period of many years, Brady has been focussed on supplying a durable range of labels for applications where high-performance, integrated systems are required.
Through constant engagement with our customers in the electrical industry, we have come to understand your particular requirements, from a product and a service standpoint.

Dedicated service and support It's important to you to deal with suppliers who talk your language. That is why we make available dedicated sales and technical support staff who have an electrical sector specialism.

BMP21-PLUS Label Guide

BMP21-PLUS Label Guide

Need help finding the right BMP21-Plus printer labels? Look no further! Click on your application below or navigate to it and we will supply the label recommendations. Once you’ve found the label cartridge you need, click on its part number to get more information.

What are you labeling?

Wire and Cable

Wire and cable wraps / patch panels – nylon cloth (B-499)
Nylon cloth labels are made of a highly pliable nylon material designed to conform tightly to curved surfaces making them ideal for flagging or wrapping around wires and cables.

Part number Size
M21-750-499 W19.05mm x L4.88m
M21-500-499 W12.7mm x L4.88m
M21-375-499 W9.53mm x L4.88m

Self-Laminating vinyl labels (B-427)

Self-laminating vinyl labels are ideal for labeling data cables and wires that are frequently handled and moved. They can be applied pre-termination or post-termination and have a clear wrap-around tail designed to laminate the printed portion of the label, providing extra protection for the label text.

Part number AWG Label Size Print-On-Height*
M21-1500-427 10-4 W38.1mm x L4.27m 0.500"
M21-1250-427 10-4 W31.75mm x L4.27m 0.500"
M21-1000-427 12-10 W25.5mm x L4.27m 0.375"
M21-750-427 16-10 W19.05mm x L4.27m 0.375"
*Print-On Height is the amount of white printable area on the label. Label size is the printable area and the clear over-laminate tail combined.

PermaSleeve® heat shrink wire marking sleeves (B-342)

PermaSleeve® heat shrink sleeves are made of a fade-resistant, fire-retardant polyolefin designed to fit tightly around pre-terminated wires when heat is applied for superior performance and aesthetic appearance. They have a 3:1 heat shrink ratio and meet SAE, MIL-STD specs (learn more on the technical datasheet).

Color AWG 22-16
W5.97mm x L2.13m
AWG 20-10
W8.51mm x L2.13m
AWG 16-8
0.250” Dia. X 7’ Long
AWG 12-4
0.375” Dia. X 7’ Long
Black on White M21-125-C-342 M21-187-C-342 M21-250-C-342 M21-375-C-342
Black on Yellow M21-125-C-342-YL M21-187-C-342-YL M21-250-C-342-YL M21-375-C-342-YL

Terminal Blocks

Terminal block nylon adhesive strips (B-499)

Terminal block adhesive strips are made of the same nylon cloth material designed for wire and cable wraps. These labels are narrow enough to align on terminal blocks and print with user-specified spacing when the BMP21-PLUS printer is in terminal block mode.
Part number Size
M21-500-499-TB W12.7mm x L4.88m
M21-375-499-TB W9.53mm x L4.88m

Faceplates, electrical panels and equipment ID

High performance polyester labels (B-423 & B-430)
Polyester label cartridges are an extremely durable labeling option for equipment ID, faceplates, electrical panels and general purpose identification. Our polyester materials are more rigid than vinyl, providing high industrial performance, but are only recommended for applications with flat and smooth surfaces.
Color 0.250” X 21’ 0.375” X 21’ 0.500” X 21’ 0.750” X 21’
Black on White M21-250-423 M21-375-423 M21-500-423 M21-750-423
Black on Clear M21-250-430 M21-375-430 M21-500-430 M21-750-430
White on Clear M21-250-430-WT-CL M21-375-430-WT-CL M21-500-430-WT-CL M21-750-430-WT-CL

Storage ID, tools, lean/5S and general purpose

Indoor and outdoor grade vinyl labels (B-595)
Indoor/outdoor vinyl labels are the most versatile BMP21-Plus labels and ideal for general purpose labeling. They are very durable and can stand up to grease, dirt, oil and most industrial chemicals making them ideal for storage shelves, bins, tools and lean 5S applications. They will last about 8-10 years outside and come in a variety of colors.

Color W6.35mm x L6.4m 0.375” X 21’ 0.500” X 21’ 0.750” X 21’
Black on White M21-250-595-WT M21-375-595-WT M21-500-595-WT M21-750-595-WT
Black on Yellow M21-250-595-YL M21-375-595-YL M21-500-595-YL M21-750-595-YL
Black on Orange - M21-375-595-OR M21-500-595-OR M21-750-595-OR
White on Red - M21-375-595-RD M21-500-595-RD M21-750-595-RD
White on Blue - M21-375-595-BL M21-500-595-BL M21-750-595-BL
White on Green - M21-375-595-GN M21-500-595-GN M21-750-595-GN
White on Purple - M21-375-595-PL M21-500-595-PL M21-750-595-PL
White on Brown - M21-375-595-BR M21-500-595-BR M21-750-595-BR
Black on Grey - M21-375-595-GY M21-500-595-GY M21-750-595-GY
White on Black - M21-375-595-BK M21-500-595-BK M21-750-595-BK

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