Brady EasyExtend Retractable Barrier, 900mm Cone and Adaptor Kit

Brady EasyExtend Retractable Barrier, 900mm Cone and Adaptor Kit
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Part No
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307MSAU01 Brady EasyExtend Retractable Barrier Red/White, 900mm Cone and Adaptor Kit
Part No Name
307MSAU02 Brady EasyExtend Retractable Barrier Black/Yellow, 900mm Cone and Adaptor Kit
  • The retractable belt head allows a physical barrier to be quickly set up
  • Kit includes 1 x head unit, 1 x cone mount adaptor and 1 x 900mm traffic cone
  • Cone has Class 1 reflective strip
  • Compatible with all EasyExtend products for a custom solution
  • 48mm high x 10m long belt
  • UV resistant for indoor or outdoor use
  • Each head has 3 notches allowing the attachment of straps from other EasyExtend barriers
  • Webbing can be wrapped around other objects such as trees, posts and fences and then reattach to itself
Product Details

Equipped with 2 notches for attaching EasyExtend retractable straps, there is no need to have a second beacon if you want to extend a single strap. The EasyExtend retractable strap beacon is easily installed on almost any job site pedestal. It helps ensure everyone's safety in the workplace and on construction sites to restrict access to areas under maintenance. Reusable indoors and outdoors or any location: construction sites, car parks, offices and airports.

It consists of a retractable strap head attached to a versatile adaptor - Simply clip onto the adaptor to create the barrier. Features 10 metre webbing in yellow-black or red-white that can be stretched to the desired length to set up a barrier

Uses exclusive technology: the strap rolls up and unwinds smoothly at a controlled speed. The end of the strap has a clip that can hook onto the strap itself. It can also be wrapped around a post or tree and have the clip attached to the strap without the need for additional equipment

You can mount the Cone Adaptor Accessory for Brady EasyExtend Safety Barrier on a cone, and the Retractable Strap Head Accessory for Brady EasyExtend on a cone Post. The Base Accessory for Brady EasyExtend Safety Barrier and the Receiver Clip Accessory for Brady EasyExtend Safety Barrier can also be mounted on cones and cone posts.

A ratchet lockable strap uses a one-touch button to prevent an accidental release


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