Easily print cable tags wherever you are!

The high performance B-7643 halogen free and non-adhesive cable tag is a cost-efficient, practical solution to identify thick cables and cable bundles in aggressive environments. Printable on-site with high volume benchtop printers and in the field with mobile printers, the B-7643 cable tag offers exceptional flexibility to companies active in power, telecom, ICT, aerospace, mass transit and defence industries.

Key benefits:

✓ Cost efficient as it has less material waste.

✓ Printer flexibility as it can be used on a wide range of Brady printers.

✓ Contain no added halogens and offer excellent fire safety characteristics combined with minimal smoke emission.

✓ Choose from a variety of colours and sizes.

B-7643 Heatex Cable MarkerB-7643 Heatex Cable Marker

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