Label. Rinse. Repeat.

Standard paper labels are notoriously hard to remove cleanly. If only there was a water dissolvable paper label that washes away with just a gentle stream of water — no chemicals or scrubbing needed. Make label removal easy with our B-403 Water Dissolvable Paper Labels, perfect for temporary applications that require easy removal, re-identification or limiting waste.

These labels are made for a variety of applications such as in-process labeling, specimen labeling, temporary asset tracking and animal housing identification.

Key performance attributes:

✓ Water dissolvable: Labels completely dissolve in warm water within thirty seconds, leaving no adhesive residue.

✓ Labor reduction: Eliminates labor required for label removal and allows for easy re-identification.

✓ Process flexibility: Print-on-demand and control both design and production onsite.

✓ Pressure-sensitive adhesive: Quick and easy application with no additional hardware required.

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