First Aiders Choice Conforming Bandage

First Aiders Choice Conforming Bandage
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  • Conforming bandages are high-stretch, lightweight and highly flexible
  • Ideal for securing dressings
  • Soft, breathable and fray resistant
Conforming bandages are high stretch, lightweight, and flexible. Making them ideal for securing dressings due to their soft, breathable, and fray-resistant nature
Product Details

Conforming Bandages Overview:

  • Conforming bandages: Lightweight, high-stretch, and comfortable
  • Purpose: Secure dressings while allowing freedom of movement

Conforms To Body Contours:

  • Design: Tailored to match the body's shape
  • Primary Use: Secure dressings without restricting mobility
  • Versatile Application: Also suitable for supporting injured joints

Key Features:

  • Excellent stretch capacity
  • High flexibility, breath-ability, and fray resistance
  • Available in various widths for different body areas

Self-Adhesive Design:

  • Convenient weave: Sticks to itself without skin adhesion
  • Eliminates the need for tape or pins

Mild Compression and Comfort:

  • Benefits: Helps reduce inflammation, swelling, and supports circulation
  • Long-term comfort: Suitable for extended wear periods
Part No Name
871909 First Aiders Choice Conforming Bandage, 2.5cm (W)
Part No Name
871908 First Aiders Choice Conforming Bandage, 5cm (W)
Part No Name
871907 First Aiders Choice Conforming Bandage, 7.5cm (W)
Part No Name
871906 First Aiders Choice Conforming Bandage, 10cm (W)

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