High Impact Security Mirrors

High Impact Security Mirrors
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These indoor/outdoor polycarbonate mirrors are available in various sizes .
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These ultra-strong institutional mirrors are ideal for high security applications such as passageways, cells and other areas in prisons, courts, schools or institutions where surveillance and observation is of paramount importance. Made from high impact strength polycarbonate material, it is virtually indestructible and the 160? wide-angle convex design ensures the maximum field of vision. Comes with adjustable swivel mounting bracket for easy installation. Each mirror comes with installation instructions and all necessary heavy-duty steel mounting brackets are supplied for attachment. Use the viewing/installation guide on page 252 to determine the mirror that suits your application. Indoor and outdoor models available.
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Application Outdoor
Part No Name
856115 Indoor Convex Mirror
Part No Name
856117 Indoor Convex Mirror
Part No Name
856120 Outdoor Convex Mirror
Part No Name
856121 Outdoor Convex Mirror
Part No Name
856122 Outdoor Convex Mirror
Part No Name
856123 Outdoor Convex Mirror

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