Mining First Aid Kit

Mining First Aid Kit
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These First Aid kits have been designed specifically for the Mining Industry and contain most items recommended in the Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Act 1999, Appendix 2. They have been developed with a wide range of content and to give a foundation to add on any additional items that maybe required on site once determined after a site risk assessment has been carried out. The ABS Wall mount kit contains an ‘o’ ring around the seal so it seals tight to help resist dust and water from entering the case and deteriorating the content inside. The case also includes shelving and compartment so all content is easily stored and identifiable in an emergency. The Portable kit is made out of robust and durable plastic with carry handle to quickly maneuver to causality if required. Contains fold out shelving to easily locate product and keep them secure during transit. Recommended for vehicles and remote locations.

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875538 Mining First Aid Kit - Large Wallmount ABS Plastic Case
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875539 Mining First Aid Kit - Portable Polypropylene Case
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875540 Mining First Aid Kit - Refill Pack Content Only

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