Bund-Mate Bunding Bund

Bund-Mate Bunding Bund
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This 1m Straight Module allows for a permanent (when used with sealant), semi-permanent or portable spill containment. It can be used to contain any form of liquid spill and features a sperior inter-locking modular design. It is made of UV stabilised high visibility yellow rubber.

Product Details
  • Spill containment that can be permanent or portable.
  • Made from UV stablised rubber.
  • Use Sealant to make bunding permanent.
Unit of Measure Each
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Part No Name
876593 Bund-Mate Bunding Bund Sealant
Part No Name
876592 Bund-Mate Bunding Male End Capbund
Part No Name
876591 Bund-Mate Bunding Female End Cap Bund
Part No Name
876590 Bund-Mate Bunding Male to Female 90° right angeled bend
Part No Name
876589 Bund-Mate Bunding Female to Male 90° right angeled bend
Part No Name
876588 Bund-Mate Bunding 1m Straight Module Bund

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